view towards Kilimanjaro from terrace of Kindoroko Hotel

Maji Block is based in Moshi and aims to supply Northern Tanzania with an innovative technology of water tank construction.

Onana Apiculture is an interesting private initiative with a well kept apiary full of beehives with local stingless bees.

KIVIWAMA is an Community Based Organisation , which deals with the production and distribution of Indigenous Trees Species. It also has knowledge on conservation of land and the protection of water catchment sources.
Contact: KIVIWAMA - Mr Samweli A. Mochiwa
tel: (+255) 0754 343634


FT Kilimanjaro (FTK) is a non-governmental organization registered in Tanzania. FTK is a joined initiative of the Dutch NGO FDK (NL) and TPC Limited with the aim to support communities on and around the TPC Estate and achieve greater prosperity.

FT Kilimanjaro envisions flourishing communities on and around the TPC Estate void of poverty and despair.
Communities where all, men and women, young and old, have access to basic health care, education and opportunities to be productive and earn a livelihood for themselves and their families, and to do so in a self-sustaining and environmentally sustainable manner.

Guided by the concept of an integrated approach to development with interventions applied simultaneously and across multiple sectors, we seek to actively inspire and help to implement initiatives together with the communities to:
• Improve quality and access to education
• Improve quality and access to health care services
• Increase earned income
• Improve basic infrastructure (e.g. roads, water, electricity, housing)


TUSONGE CED is committed to enhance skills of communities, groups, Individuals to explore, appreciate and respect the available local resources for social transformation which will directly contribute to organizational growth and influence marginalized groups to secure their social and economic rights sustainabily.

Improved livelihood to organizations and marginalized communities through participatory processes of community economic development aspects such as exploring, appreciating ,and respecting more strategically the use of available resources which will directly influence social transformation and promote eradication of poverty.


Afrishare Solutions supports ongoing community projects through volunteers, eco-tourism, exchange program and cultural understanding program in Tanzania in partnership with local community, organizations and the government efforts; Bringing people together to work hand in hand for the sustainability of all people's unique needs.