view towards Kilimanjaro from terrace of Kindoroko Hotel

Religious Communities
The Kilimanjaro region was evangelised by some of the earliest missionaries to East Africa, in particular Lutherans and Roman Catholics. Most of these came from Germany, and made a significant impact on various areas of the region. There are several historical sites which bear witness to this early missionary activity (see Day Trips).
As a result, a large percentage of the population has some kind of affiliation to a church denomination. In recent decades many other denominations have taken root here.

Catholic Cathedral 'Christ The King'
Tel: Priest 2752127
About catechism & other activities, call the Chancery Office 2752089
Mass in English at 9:30am

  KCMC Chapel
Tel: 2754377 Chaplains' office
Inter-denominational service in English on Sundays at 10:00 a.m.
  Majengo Pentecostal Church
Tel: 2750170
Sundays: English service at 09:00
  St. Margarets Anglican Church - Hospital Road
Tel: 2751448
Interdenominational service at 10.30 on Sundays, with children's groups.
  Women's Bible Study
Elaine Tel: 2751448
Open, international bible study on Wednesdays 10:00am.


  Anglican - St.Margaret's (see above)
Sunday 08:30.
  Apostolic Church - Shanty Town
Tel: 2752812
Sundays 10:00, Wednesdays 17:00.
  Baptist - Bible Baptist, Lema Road Tel: 2751109
- Southern Baptist, Kibo roundabout Tel: 2753341
  Church of Christ - Mawenzi (Double) Road
Tel: 2750004
  Lutheran Church - Market Street
Tel: 2752470 Sundays 07.00 & 10.00, Bible study 15:00
The Diocesan HQ and centre is next door with religious, social & business activities, bookshop, pharmacy and restaurant.
There is also a chapel in the Lutheran Uhuru Hostel with weekday services at 9 a.m. and 9.30 a.m. on Sundays
  Pentecostal - Kariwa near KCMC (cell church) Tel: 2750929
- Revival Temple (AOG) Tel: 2750556
- United Pentecostal Tel: 2754262, 2753079
  Berea Bible College - Pasua, southern side of town.
P.O. Box 20, Moshi. Tel: +255 744 568070
  Mosque - Mawenzi Road (op. Bus stand)
  Bhora Mosque - Hill Street (near Mawenzi Hospital)
  Rhiada Mosque - Mawenzi rd. (Market area)
  Shia Mosque - Arusha Road (near Mawenzi Hospital)

It is well known that for hundreds of years Indians traded along the East African coast, and amongst these sailors were young Khojas who settled and developed trade and commerce. With British rule in both India and this region, further migrations followed.


Hindu Temple - Opposite Bus Stand, Mawenzi Road
Prayer daily from 19:00 to 20:00

  Sikh Temple - Mankinga Road
  Jain Temple - near the cemetery
Last updated; 10 July 2016